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*In Aug 2012, I presented a workshop titled "Learning Differently" at the Ontario Association of Islamic Schools teacher professional development conference.

*I attended the International Dyxlexia Association Conference in Baltimore (Oct. 2012).

*This Feb 2013, I went to the Many Faces of Remediation Conference to learn the many different ways to help the dyslexic student.

Literacy is THE most important lifelong skill that your child will learn in school. Through reading, we understand and comprehend the world around us. Through writing, we express ourselves and communicate with others.

Children who struggle with literacy due to dyslexia, learning differences, and/or skill deficiencies will find this life skill difficult to master. Each stage of literacy that a child passes through is critical to the success of the next stage. Since reading and writing are results of cumulative learning, any missing link affects a student’s overall literacy performance. Reading and writing are not just limited to Language Arts class. As children grow, these skills are necessary for other subjects; students will need reading to learn and writing to show what they have learned. A child’s literacy skills must be up to this challenge.

Literacy concerns are not limited to young students who are just learning to read and write. As children grow, literacy demands actually increase. Reading must be done with more attention to the structure of the English language, comprehension and critical thinking. When writing, increasingly complex thoughts must be expressed using more sophisticated voice, organization, and words.

Literacy is not just a school skill – it is a LIFE skill. All of our daily activities need our literacy skills. In today’s information age, those reading and writing abilities are even more crucial. Without the capability to read, write, think, and understand text around him or her, a child cannot grow into a person who can participate in public discourse as an adult.

The good news is that there is something you can do!

There are many ways to help children with literacy concerns to reach their potential. As an OCT Reading Specialist and Writing Teacher, I have a unique perspective from which to help each student reach their potential. My background also includes study in different programs (Orton-Gillingham, Multi-Sensory Teaching, Davis) for helping children with dyslexia and other learning challenges, or those who are behind for any other reason.

Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss how I can make a customized literacy action plan to help your child to read and write.

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