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Dyslexia & Literacy Support

in the Brampton/Mississauga Area

Learn Literacy



ALL children can learn to read and write!  


These eight words form the basis for my philosophy toward education and teaching.

I do not believe that only some kids are capable of literacy learning.  

Literacy is a right for each child.


It is important to recognize that each student is a unique learner and thinker with particular talents.  I know that each child must be accepted and honoured for what he/she is.  Each pupil brings with them their own background knowledge, which is developed from life and cultural experiences.  Learners are individuals with specific needs and goals.


My mission, motivated by my passion for literacy and my belief that all children can read and write, is to use best literacy practices to teach students these important life skills to meet their needs and goals.  Because I believe in literacy success for all and that each child is an individual, I accept that it is my job to teach each child what they need to know.  One size fits all programs really do not fit anyone.

I will work with each child to tailor an education plan that will work for them.


It is critical that each student has literacy learning activities that fit their needs and moves them toward their learning objectives.  The gradual release of responsibility model will be used so that a child has teacher-led instruction, followed by ample guided teacher-supervised practice, finishing with independent application of learning.  This way the learning is structured and supervised to ensure successful internalization of new learning.  I will make no assumptions and teach what the child needs to know.


Overall, my philosophy about teaching is:

- Constructivist: allowing children to make meaning of their own learning, rather than being told.

- Holistic: focusing on developing all areas of the child - academic, social, physical.

- Integrative: teaching using themes that relate academic subjects to each other.

- Relevant: showing how learning is used in the context of solving real life problems.

- Individual: teaching each child what they need to know rather than teaching everyone the same thing at the same time.


I am driven by my passion for education and thinking outside the box to see the potential of the future for our children.