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Dyslexia & Literacy Support

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Learn Literacy

Professional Development


Professional and continuing development is very important for educators and adults to grow and develop their expertise.  Workshops represent one method of continuing education for schools, home-school groups, or your organization.  


Learning experiences that fit your needs can be designed so they meet your school's/ group's goals.  


Workshop topics include, but are not limited to the following:


Content Integration:  This workshop is for schools or home-school groups who are interested in integrating all topics of study into cohesive learning units.  Focus will be on the theory behind Integration as well as on a practical planning strategy that can be used to develop your own units of study.


Professional Learning Community:  Learn how to establish, manage, and encourage a dynamic professional learning community (PLC) in your school.  


Literacy:  Presentations on literacy topics (reading, writing) can be developed to meet the needs of your group.  Past workshop topics were: Guided Reading, Literacy in the Content Areas, Reading Assessment, Teaching Non-Fiction, Balanced Literacy, Writing in the Science Classroom.


Science:  Topics relate to: making science relevant to students, teaching hands-on science, science as a way of thinking, etc.


Teaching Theory: Relevant teaching concepts important to best practices can be explored, explained, and related to everyday teaching.  Examples are: Differentiation, Learning Styles, Backwards Planning (Understanding by Design), etc.


Workshops have been successfully held at private schools in the GTA as well as the Ontario Science Teachers Association Conference 2011.