Cheryl Urbanczyk



AOGPE - Fellow-in-Training

Cheryl has studied under various Academy Fellows for her Associate and Certified designations, which allow her to be an independent OG practitioner at all levels of instruction.  Currently, she is a "Fellow-in-Training" (FIT); a Fellow is the highest designation offered by AOGPE.   

Cheryl is listed as an 'OG Practitioner' with the Academy.  A list of tutors is available only through email.

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CERI - Center for Effective Reading Instruction

CERI is a subsidiary of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and certifies teachers who meet their 'Standards of Knowledge and Practice'.  Cheryl has the highest designation offered by CERI:

'Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist'.

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OCT - Reading Specialist

Cheryl knows and understands the literacy instruction in the province of Ontario and the teaching  strategies used in schools.  This allows her to have perspective in what students are learning in school and how to match that with OG and Structured Literacy strategies to achieve the best results. 

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Career Educator

With over 20 years in the profession, Cheryl has a wide set of experiences (high school science teacher, elementary homeroom teacher, teacher-leader, consultant, administrator) in a variety of settings (public & private schools, entrepreneurial).   This gives her a unique expertise to understand dyslexia and language-learning disabilities in the wider education context.


Dyslexic Child

This is personal.  Living with a dyslexic child provides the insight and compassion to understand the emotional and academic struggles these students have.  In fact, Cheryl started this journey to be able to help her own child learn to read.  This experience of trusting in the abilities of her own child fuels her belief that all children can learn literacy.  Cheryl knows that all children need an adult advocate who believes in them.  She is that person!


Life-Long Learner

Cheryl regularly attends webinars, workshops, and conferences to network, to increase her knowledge & understanding of dyslexia and teaching, and to ensure she is current with best practices.  Recent conferences attended: IDA, AOGPE, ONBIDA.