What is Dyslexia?


 Dyslexia is a 'language-based learning disability' that affects how the brain learns to read.  In Ontario, is is more commonly referred to by other names (reading, spelling, or 'nonspecific' learning disability).  It is seen by public schools as a 'communication' disability because it affects the students reading and writing skills.   The International Dyslexia Association has Fact Sheets and other information available on their website.




 Dyslexia represents a form of 'neurodiversity', which is a natural variation in the ways brains learn and the skill sets they posses.  This view frames the dyslexic positively, as having a brain that is part of the normal human variation, rather than from a deficit perspective.  Dyslexics are not 'disabled', they just have a brain that works in a different way.  This means they need specific teaching to meet the way their brain learns.   This also means they have talents and skills that might not be recognized in a traditional classroom. 

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